Reports Suggest Olive Olive Oil Could Help Fight Cancer, Aging

Several news items have crossed my desk recently looking at the potential health benefits of olive oil.

Three I want to share:

– A fascinating story broadcast on NPR looked at how the residents of a tiny Greek island in the North Aegean Sea have an uncanny ability to live to be 90 or more. In fact, Icaria has the highest percentage of nonagenarians (“ninety-somethings”) on Earth. It turns out their diet is “very high” in olive oil.

– A Spanish study suggests extra virgin olive oil could help fight breast cancer, according to an article published by ScienceDaily.

– Cookbook author and healthy eating guru Martha Rose Shulman writes in The New York Times that extra virgin olive oil is among the 12 foods she always tries to keep in the pantry.

If you need any ideas for recipes using extra virgin olive oil, we have plenty to share.

Bon appétit,

Claude S. Weiller
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
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One Response to Reports Suggest Olive Olive Oil Could Help Fight Cancer, Aging

  1. I am working to educate my readers this week about the health benefits of olive oil and how to use it. I’m working on the safe heating point of EVOO (and virgin olive oil). What exactly does the smoke point mean? How do I know without a thermometer if I’ve reached it while sauteeing? Does adding butter help lower the temp? I’ve seen recommendations to saute in half butter, half EVOO because of the instability of EVOO under high heat. Does that help?

    Perhaps the most perplexing question: how does the smoke point translate when roasting veggies in an oven? Can one safely roast potatoes at 400 degrees for an entire hour and not get the EVOO up to 400, thus damaging it and creating free radicals?

    I don’t know that I’ll see your response, so I’d appreciate an email. I will certainly be linking to this site in today’s post, an Olive Oil Primer. Thank you for your help!!!