Hot Topics: Potatoes Fava Beans & Blue Tasting Cups

We’re already looking ahead to 2011. But we also want to look back at the events of the past year. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite blog posts from 2010.

Do You Want Potatoes with that Fava Bean Purée? My colleague Roger Fillion visited the southern Italian region of Puglia last summer. While there, Roger stumbled across an emotionally charged debate: whether or not to add potatoes to fava bean purée? Roger dug deeper to learn what the ruckus was about.

Reinventing the Salad Bar We participated in an innovative experiment to reinvent the salad bar that Yale University offers to its students. The salad bar has morphed into an excuse for overeating. The goal of the experiment: create a limited number of healthy, delicious salads for the students in the format of a salad bar. The changes initially provoked protests from students who wanted the old salad bar back. But the last time we checked the change appears to have succeeded in encouraging students to make healthier choices.

Do Those Blue Tasting Cups Really Hide and Olive Oil’s Color? A friend thought my pair of olive oil tasting cups would make perfect candleholders. She might just have a point. We’d seen a “Tweet” about the cobalt blue vessels: “Research shows that the blue EVOO tasting glasses don’t even work!” Australian olive oil expert Richard Gawel declared on Twitter. Intrigued, we located the report.

Olive Oil Primer: Filtered vs. Unfiltered EVOO We field a lot of questions about extra virgin olive oil. Why do different oils have different colors? (Much depends on when the olive is harvested.) Can you bake with olive oil instead of butter? (Yes.)  Can you sauté and fry with EVOO? (Yes.) The question we probably here the most is what’s the difference between filtered and unfiltered EVOO. We explain.

Chef Picks California Olive Ranch EVOO for Golden Globes

We were psyched by the news that our EVOO would be among the California-grown ingredients chef Suki Sugiura would be using to prepare the 2010 Golden Globe Awards Show Dinner.  The Beverly Hilton chef was serving Tinseltown’s heavyweights a locally inspired menu showcasing the bounty of California’s agriculture.

Bon appétit,

Claude S. Weiller
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
California Olive Ranch

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