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Why a Home-Cooked Meal Can Help Your Waistline

Pulling out the pots and pans to make a home-cooked meal can improve your waistline. The data back that up. The food-loving French and Italians spend nearly 20 minutes more a day cooking than Americans do. They’re also less likely … Continue reading

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“OMG! Look at How Much Olive Oil They Are Using!”

We can’t take credit for the headline on this blog post. That goes to nutritionist Amy Myrdal Miller. She was giving a presentation yesterday evening in northern California, and one of her PowerPoint slides used the “OMG!” line in a … Continue reading

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Have Your Vegetables – and Eat Them Too

Parents have long harped on their kids to “eat your vegetables.” At a recent health and cooking conference in northern California, we also got an earful about why it’s important. Happily, we also learned a lot about how to make … Continue reading

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