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Heart Health & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

February is Heart Month so we wanted to shine light on some of the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil as it relates to cardiovascular health. Did you know that heart disease remains the number one cause of death … Continue reading

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Eat Like a Greek (Yes, Olive Oil) to Keep Pounds Off – Study Suggests

Eat like a Mediterranean if you want to keep the weight off. A new study suggests a low-glycemic diet – focusing on healthy carbs, veggies, healthy fats (yes, that means olive oil), legumes and fruits – may be better for … Continue reading

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More Evidence Med Diet May Help Heart Health + Lay Off the Carbs – Study

It’s never too late to make a New Year’s resolution that may help your heart. And this one comes courtesy of Johns Hopkins University researchers: Lay off carbohydrates tied to white bread and pasta, and replace them with unsaturated fats … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Diet May Guard Against Skin Cancer – Study

The beach season may be drawing to a close. But a new study suggests eating a Mediterranean-style diet may help protect you from the sun’s damaging rays. A study in Nutrition Reviews reports that a diet rich in antioxidants and … Continue reading

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Pasta w/ White Clam Sauce from Italy’s Puglia Region

A guest post by my colleague Roger Fillion about his summer trip to Italy. It meshes well with our focus this month on Mediterranean cuisine  in our eNewsletter and blogs. Claude S. Weiller Magical things can happen in southern Italy. … Continue reading

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Olive-Oil Based Diet May Help Breast Cancer Survivors-Study

Good news out this month for breast cancer survivors. A diet “enriched” with olive oil may help breast cancer survivors lose more weight than a traditional low-fat diet, according to researchers in Rhode Island. Why is that important? Excess weight … Continue reading

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Olive Oil May Be Key to Med. Diet’s Benefits – Study

Consuming good quality olive oil may help stifle genes in your body that can trigger the kind of inflammation that produces heart disease, a study suggests. The finding may partly explain why people who eat a Mediterranean diet are found … Continue reading

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Med Diet May Boost Fertility; the Updated Med Diet Pyramid

Women who eat a Mediterranean-style diet rich in vegetables, vegetable oils, fish and legumes may have better odds of becoming pregnant while undergoing infertility treatment, a new study suggests. And, if you haven’t heard, the Mediterranean diet pyramid recently underwent … Continue reading

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Olive Oil Health: the Updated Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

When it comes to food pyramids, being at the bottom of the heap is actually a good thing. We just discovered olive oil has moved up in the world  . . . by moving farther down on the  new version … Continue reading

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Health Study: Med. Diet + Exercise Could Cut Alzheimer’s Risk

Your brain will thank you for working out at the gym and eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and olive oil. A recent study suggests you could significantly cut your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease if you’re more physically active and … Continue reading

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