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A Salad Bacon Lovers Will Swoon Over + Tips For Making Your Own Salads

Here’s a salad that bacon lovers will swoon over – though you don’t have to love bacon to appreciate this salad. In fact, it’s a potpourri of flavors, in addition to crispy bacon: lettuce, quinoa, fennel, apple, carrot, almonds and … Continue reading

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Winning Salad Recipe: Mixed Greens, Fruit, Pecans w/ Gogonzola Vinaigrette

Maybe it’s Keith Mesch’s chemistry background. Or maybe it’s his well stocked pantry. It’s most likely a combination of the two, and more. Either way, Keith, an organic chemist, was the grand prize winner in our recent salad recipe contest. … Continue reading

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Halibut and Corn Salad w/ “Broken” Tomato Vinaigrette

Michael Chiarello began making what he calls “broken” vinaigrettes in the early 1990s. The Napa Valley chef says they’re “intensely flavored dressings” that are deliberately not emulsified. “Instead, we lightly shake reduced fruit or vegetable juices with a complementary flavored … Continue reading

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